The Team

Our team is made up of many brilliant high school engineers.

Meet the Divisions

Software Team

Our software team handles all the software systems on the drone from end to end. Whether it's writing and improving path planning routines for our drone, building aerial computer vision systems, or contributing needed open-source features to the PX4 autopilot,the Software division is constantly working on new things.


Kalyan Sriram


Vincent Wang

Software Lead

Derick Mathews

Computer Vision

Raghav Misra

Image Processing

Ethan Kuo

Path Planning

Kush Nayak

Obstacle Avoidance

Angad Bhargav

Streaming Infrastructure

Nikhil Sunkad

Object Detection

Karan Gupta

Ground Control Software

Electromechanical Team

Our electromechanical team handles all things hardware on the drone. Whether it's upgrading motors and ESCs, designing stronger and better parts with CAD, or wiring up electrical components, they do it all.


Kai Gottschalk

VP/Electrical Development Lead

Ishan Duriseti

Mechanical Development Lead

Austin Chen


Justin Park

Drone Development and Testing

Frank Yu


Andrew Chen

Antenna Tracker

Siddharth Bhargav

Unmanned Ground Vehicle

Jai Puli

Drone Testing

Business Team

The business team is constantly thinking of ways to promote our work and secure critical funding. The business division is responsible for contacting companies, managing sponsorships, and organizing publicity for the club.


Sungje Park


Marie Lee

Business Team Lead

Zephan Thomas


Christopher Li


Leo Shao